Our partnership with Sure Start Children’s Centres has begun!

We are working with Sure Start Children’s Centres across Manchester to provide parents and families with first aid training for children and babies, including what to do if a child or baby is choking.

‘Ric was a great first aid instructor, as a first time mum I was keen to learn how to keep my baby safe during a choking or unconscious situation…As this session was carried out at my local Sure Start Centre, I was able to bring my baby along, making it flexible and accommodating. As well as baby first aid, I also learnt about adult first aid and how to use a defibrillator. The session was concise, informative and overall welcoming to first aid first timers’ – CL.

We will be delivering over 30 courses in May and June, if you are part of a child and baby group, get in touch with us to book your FREE first aid course. Children are always welcome on our courses.

Our courses follow the NHS guidance, which you can read here.

Book your free course now.