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Learn how to save a life in just 60 minutes – book one of our free courses.

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Our first aid courses are free to attend, open to all and delivered by fully qualified and experienced trainers.

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Our founder Oliver Cookson is an award-winning British entrepreneur and philanthropist, who believes in giving something back to our communities.

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Our vision

Saving lives.

Our mission

To provide free first aid training to as many people as possible across the U.K through the Cookson First Aid programme, funded by the Oliver Cookson Foundation.

Why learn CPR?

Here are some incredible statistics to show just how important performing CPR is.

It literally could save your loved ones life.


There are approximately
60,000 out of hospital
cardiac arrests each year.1


of out of hospital
cardiac arrests happen
at home..2

1 in 10

Less than 1 in 10 people in
Britain survive an out of
hospital cardiac arrest, due to
low bystander CPR rates.3


Nearly a third of UK adults
are not likely to perform CPR
if they saw someone suffer a
cardiac arrest.4


Every minute without CPR
and defibrillation reduces
a victim’s survival rate by
7 to 10 per cent.5


Without immediate
treatment, 90-95 per
cent of cardiac arrests
prove fatal.6

Learning to save a life has never been
easier – don’t wait, book for free today.